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Square 250V 1A Radial Lead Micro Fuses , Time-Lag Fuse For Electronic Device Circuit

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Square 250V 1A Radial Lead Micro Fuses , Time-Lag Fuse For Electronic Device Circuit

تصویر بزرگ :  Square 250V 1A Radial Lead Micro Fuses , Time-Lag Fuse For Electronic Device Circuit

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Dongguan,China
نام تجاری: UCHI
Model Number: MTS


Minimum Order Quantity: 5000PCS
قیمت: Negotiable
Packaging Details: A: Taping package 1000 pcs per box B: Bulk 500 pcs / poly bag 4 poly bags / box, altogether 2000 pcs
Delivery Time: 4~6 days
Payment Terms: T/T & Paypal &Western Union
Supply Ability: 100,000,000PCS per month
توضیحات محصول جزئیات

Square 250V 1A Radial Lead Micro Fuses , Time-Lag Fuse For Electronic Device Circuit


Quick Detail:


1. Thermoplastic Fuse

2. 300V available

3. Used for power supply,LED,CFL,PCB especially

4. Exact melting time

5. Stronger packing prevent damage when transport

6. Environmental Protection Material

7. Reel packing





Micro fuse is an electric element protecting electric devices. It is commonly connected with a circuit in series, and when fault current increases to a certain value, the fuse blows out to cut off the circuit so as to fulfill an aim of protecting other equipment in the circuit. The fuse is the most commonly used component in a over-current protection circuit. The traditional fuse mainly consists of two parts of a tube body, of which both ends have metal connecting terminals, and metal melt in the tube body. The majority of fuses are cylinder-shaped, namely cartridge construction. But nowadays, with the fast development of advanced technology, some special materials are well applied, the fuse industry has started to move forward in the direction of sub-miniature products and a series of new products such as Surface Mounted Devices type fuse are successively developed.



Square 250V 1A Radial Lead Micro Fuse , Time-Lag Fuse For Electronic Device Circuit




Micro Fuse is suitable for various kinds of electronic devices’ circuit over current protection. Widely used in industrial of Battery Charges, Consumer Electronics, Power supplies, Industrial Controllers, etc.





1.      Standards and Agency Approvals

2.1 Standards:In accordance with IEC60127-1, IEC60127-3 Standard sheet4, GB9364.1-1997, GB9364.3-1997.

2.2 Certification:


Ampere Range

Agency File Number


50mA ~ 6.3A



50mA ~ 6.3A



50mA ~ 6.3A



50mA ~ 6.3A



50mA ~ 6.3A



50mA ~ 6.3A



2.      Product Marking

Micro fuses shall have the following markings:



Size and position of the markings shall not be provided.


3.      Appearances and Configuration

4.1 There shall not be any remarkable stain, rust or crack on the appearances,

Markings shall be easily legible.

4.2 Configuration:Radial leaded Sub-Miniature Fuse.

4.3 Color: Black or brown.

4.      Dimensions and Structure


5.      Material Details


Part Name




Black or Brown Thermoplastic Polyamide PA 6.6, UL 94 V-0



Black or Brown Thermoplastic Polyamide PA 6.6, UL 94 V-0


Fuse element


Lead wire

Copper, Tin-plated


6.      Product Characteristics

6.1 Lead Pull Strength

10N for 10±1 Seconds

6.2 Lead Thrust Strength

2N for 10±1 Seconds

6.3 Solder ability

Wave : 260℃,≤3s;

Soldering Iron: 350±10℃,≤1s.

6.4 Soldering Heat Resistance

Wave : 260℃,10s;

 Soldering Iron: 350℃,3s.


8.      Electrical Characteristics

8.1 Test Condition

      All electrical test is to be conducted with the ambient air at a temperature of 25±5℃.

8.2 Pre-Arcing Time / Current Characteristic(limits)



Blowing Time


2 min Max


400 ms~10 s


150 ms~3 s


20 ms~150 ms

8.3 Interrupting Rating:

Breaking Capacity: 35A or 10In whichever is greater.

           After the test, the insulation resistance value is greater than 0.1ΜΩ

8.4  Rising Temperature Test:

              Testing with 1.5In for 15 minutes, then increase 0.1In every 15 minutes.

        When fuse opened, any part of measured temperature rise shall not exceed 135℃, and the ambient temperature of 25 ± 5℃.


9.      Environmental Characteristic


9.1 Operating Temperature


9.2 Stock Condition

Humidity:Relative humidity ≤ 75% store 3 years average.


When choosing the fuse's specification, if the operating environmental temperature beyond the scope from 20~30℃, engineer should consider the environmental temperature's affection to fuses.

Please refer: Temperature Rerating Curve:


10.      Installation Recommendations 


10.1 Propose installation way as following picture.


10.2 Recommended Soldering Parameters

A.      Wave Parameters:

Solder Pot Temperature: 260℃ Max

Solder Dwell Time: 2~5s

B.       Hand-Solder Parameters:

Solder Iron Temperature: 350±5℃

Heating Time: 1~2 s Max


10.  Packaging


11.1 The following items indicated on the label:

Catalog number, ratings (voltage, current), interrupting type and safety mark.

The packing material conforms to ROHS/REACH/HF environmental protection request. And the packing materials will not have the chemical reaction with the components.

11.2 Packing Quantity

A: Taping package 1000 pcs per box

B: Bulk 500 pcs / poly bag

4 poly bags / box, altogether 2000 pcs


11.  Others

12.1 In the event that an impropriety is found beyond this specification, it shall be fixed by mutual agreement between the parties.

12.2 In the event that an impropriety is found in this specification, Dongguan Uchi ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. shall amend it by mutual agreement between the parties.



Competitive Advantage:


1. Factory supply directly

2. Completed certificates such as UL,VDE,TUV,etc and high quality available

3. Quick delivery

4. Best after-sales services

5.     OEM & ODM available










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